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Why Switch to Whole Grain?

Best Whole grain products

"You wondering" What makes whole grain products better for your overall health? The main reason to this question is: Whole grains contain its bran, germ and endosperm as it’s found naturally, making whole grain products a great source of multiple fiber and nutrients.

All you ever wanted to know about ancient grains!

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1: Oats

The overall best whole grain product has to be Oats. Oatmeal dates back to ancient times around the 7000 BC mark, “Yes, you read that correctly” when ancient civilizations cultivated fields of these. Oats contain fiber, minerals and vitamins which give important health benefits to the human body like; lower blood sugar levels, reduced risk of heart diseases, as well as being gluten free. Try to stick to whole oats products like steel cut or rolled oats. Other instant oats might taste delicouse, but have been processed and contain added unhealthy sugars.


2: Brown Rice

China, India and Indonesia are among the countries where rice is one of the main staple foods consumed. Brown rice is healthier than white rice. Because it’s a whole grain, meaning it contains the entire grain, including the bran, germ and endosperm. Where white rice has the bran and germ removed. Brown rice is high in magnesium and dietary fiber, both of which help control blood sugar levels. Brown rice is also naturally gluten-free, which makes it great for gluten-free diets.


3: Whole Grain Breads

Whole grain breads come in many different forms and variances like Rye bread and whole grain bagels. When choosing whole grain breads make sure to choose the ones with visible seeds or grains. They pack more minerals and vitamins. These might be a little more expensive but you’re getting exactly what you looking for.


4: Whole Grain Pastas

Choosing healthy pasta at your local grocer can be harder than it sounds. Choosing whole grain pasta is the healthier option compared to processed pastas. Whole grain pasta is also made with flour but is not so heavy processed, keeping most of its minerals and vitamins. Always check the nutrition label on the packets for more information.


5: Sorghum

Whole grain sorghum has been around for 100s of years although it’s not that well known in many countries. Sorghum, not surprisingly have many healthy benefits and uses. You can cook the whole grain intact to use in salads or in side dishes. You can even pop them like popcorn in a microwave or stove.

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Whole Grain Sorghum

What is whole grain sorghum?

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