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First off what is a diet?

Once you start dieting, you'll never change to anything else!

Dieting is when you monitor the quantity of food you eat per day, in the attempt to loose excess body fats. Start dieting today and let your body reap all the benefits that comes with this new healthy lifestyle.

Is dieting hard to follow?

When you start dieting you shouldn’t start measuring your calorie intake spoon by spoon. You should gradually get use to your diet plan step by step, you’ll be surprise just how easy and natural it gets when you stick to a schedule. There are so many diets to choose from. Before you decide on one, first look at what is required. Does it require expensive foods, does it require you to add fitness routines, or does it require foods you dislike to eat. A diet should be a new life event that leads you to a brand new healthy lifestyle. For this to happen it needs to be fun and enjoyable. Most diets fail because it’s just not fun to follow.

So, how to start dieting?

Here you’ll find a basic diet plan to follow, it’s a great way to start off and get into the right mindset before moving to more challenging diet plans.

  1. Eat more fruits and vegetables
  2. Eat more healthy fats
  3. Practice portion control
  4. Choose whole grains
  5. Limit processed foods
  6. Create a plan
  7. Add an exercise
  8. Set yourself realistic goals
  9. Cook your own food

Even only starting off with 2-3 of these steps will make you feel more energized, confident and just over all make you feel good about yourself.

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