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Push-Ups & Planking

difference between Push-ups and planks!

What’s the difference between push-ups and planking?

Push-ups help strengthen the upper body, while planking is an excellent abdominal and core exercise. If you don't like or have time for exercising, try to at least work these into your morning schedule, it only takes a few mins daily and you'll start feeling more energized over the course of the day. These 2 exercises are among the most used by everyone as they can be done anywhere for free. Join our Youtube Channel where we have demonstrating videos for these and many many more to come.

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Beginner Guide for Push-Ups & Planking!

Push-ups and planks are considered two of the best body-weight exercises which don’t require any gear to perform. Find a nice open space and your set to go.


How a beginner should start their push-ups and planking routine.


To prevent any damage to your body beginners should start off with 2 sets of 5 push-ups resting 1-2 minutes in-between sets. Most experts suggest anywhere from 10 - 30 seconds is a good start for beginner planking. This all depends on your current physical limits when starting out your new exercise routine. As you feel your upper body and core become stronger (Trust me you’ll definitely feel it) add 5 more push-ups per set and 10 seconds per planking session. It’s very important not to over push your body at these early stages as your muscles and joints need a week or 2 to get use to these new positions.


If you struggle with your wrist when doing open hand pushups, try closing your hand into a fist shape or try dumbbell pushups. Dumbbell Pushups is a little harder than regular pushups but it gives your hand a firm grip.



Open Hand, Close Fist, Dumbbell


Different  Technique Positions